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22 септември 2017

BORBONESE at the Micam for the first time.

Borbonese chooses the Micam in the September 2017 edition to launch the brand new project dedicated to footwear for men and women.

During the international footwear show, in an exclusive Borbonese space, a Collection of footwear for men and women is presented for Spring-Summer 2018 with a complete product offer.

The new project comes from Borbonese’s wish to offer a complete product range, going from  contemporary and on-trend Sneakers to more refined and elegant footwear.

The search for innovative materials and the extreme attention to detail which have always distinguished the Borbonese world are reflected authentically and importantly in the whole of the footwear offering.

The new project also benefits from a new distribution network which, in addition to the Borbonese flagship boutiques and the long-established wholesale clients of the brand, will involve the best footwear stores.

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