Casa Borbonese

In this new time, Borbonese becomes a collector of creative ideas and inspirations, opening its doors to young artists from all over Italy.
A mix of different visions and styles that gather under the one roof of the Casa Borbonese creativity.

First to enter: 5 women with different and unique techniques that will tell us about their lives inside their homes during the lock down of the past months.

The photographers Bea De Giacomo, Claudia Ferri, Federica Sasso and the illustrators Cristina Amodeo and Bianca Bagnarelli begin to live in this new house making it a place dedicated to graphic art, photography, illustration, an intimate but shared and ready to welcome space new collaborations in the near future.

Room 1: Bea De Giacomo, Photographer

Bea De Giacomo tells about the dichotomy in which she lived this quarantine: the house was at the same time a refuge and a cage, a place where she felt safe, but at the same time trapped. The decision to take photos in her living room was spontaneous as it represented for her the hearth of these months characterized by a unique brightness. The precarious balance of the objects in these photographs perfectly represents today's condition in which we all feel hovering and fragile, clinging to our lives, but susceptible to the slightest gust of wind.