Gift Guide: Small Bags

The first Gift Guide is dedicated to fashionistas, always attentive to the latest trends. In this selection you will find the Pia Bags, declined in leathers with different characters: from glossy vintage leather to the iconic OP suede, and with the chain shoulder strap that makes it perfect for parties and evenings with friends.

You will also find accessories such as compact wallets to use with small bags and bracelets that will add a touch of glamor to your every look. 

  1. Cuff bracelet
    Cuff bracelet Metal cuff bracelet
  1. Pia bag mini
    Pia bag mini Leather handbag
    €160.00 Regular Price €320.00
  1. Pia bag mini
    Pia bag mini Op suede handbag
    €185.00 Regular Price €370.00
  1. Wallet small
    Wallet small Op suede

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