Officina Borbonese

OFFICINA BORBONESE partners with the prestigious PARSONS PARIS, the European Branch of Parsons School of Design in New York City, for an exclusive project of creativity and management.

Starting from February 2020, Parsons Paris and Parsons New York students in the Fashion Design and Strategic Design and Management programs will create a project that will have as its main inspiration the ancestral handmade textiles of Sardinia.. Sardinia has always been linked to Turin and Piedmont, the birthplace of the Borbonese brand. Starting from this and from Borbonese DNA, the Fashion Design students will design a Special Edition bag, associated with a complete Ready to Wear outfit for the Fall Winter 2021 collection. In parallel, the Strategic Design and Management students will envision a marketing and communication strategy to launch the  products in a new market, starting from the analysis of the brand’s positioning and providing a detailed deliverable including budget allocations within their recommended communication strategies.

The Savoy Faire collaboration will culminate in a critique session with a special jury composed of the Borbonese team and external experts. The student team that proposes the most innovative Management project will be awarded an internship in the company’s Communication department in Milan, while the selected Design project will be produced in Italy and featured in the Borbonese Fall Winter 2021 Collection.

Officina Borbonese

Officina Borbonese was created at the beginning of 2019 as a yearly event during which the brand collaborates with the world’s most renowned fashion institutes. Young talents from all over the planet reinterpret the style and communication of Borbonese with innovative ideas and solutions. During the first edition students from the Marangoni Institute in Milan, under the guidance of Borbonese management, had to study and analyse the brand in order to come up with new solutions in the areas of communication, style and approach to international markets.

Over a period of six months, 96 students from the courses of Fashion & Luxury Brand Management and Product Development interchanged in the job and later presented their proposals for new communication strategies to penetrate single markets, such as China and South Korea. They also had the chance to design mini-collections starting from the creation of a new Borbonese iconic bag to be developed in 6 variants.

At the end, a jury consisting of teachers, creative and communication directors and Borbonese C.E.O., Alessandro Pescara, has selected the bag that better epitomized the brand’s values with an innovative spirit. Officina Borbonese (Workshop) new edition will start in January 2020 from Paris.