Room 1: Bea De Giacomo, Photographer

Bea De Giacomo tells how the concept of her project was born from the need to tell the dichotomy in which she lived this quarantine.

What has the house represented for you in these months?
In recent months my home, for me as for everyone, has been at the same time a refuge and a cage.  In a place where you can feel safe, but at the same time trapped.

Did quarantine influence your creative process? Why did you choose the living room as a room for your photos?
The living room, which is one with the kitchen, is the main room in the house, the space with the most light and where we spend most of our time together. The hearth. It was natural to decide to shoot right in this room.

Does the balance between objects have a meaning in your photographs?
Balance represents the precariousness of the situation in which we are living. We all feel hovering and fragile, clinging to our lives, but susceptible to the slightest gust of wind.