Room 3: Claudia Ferri, Photographer.

Claudia Ferri tells how much she likes to see objects change in a different light, that's why she decided to shoot in her "kaleidoscopic" living room.

What has the house represented for you in these months?
The house imposed itself on my routine, it was the place to be, the safe harbor, the landing place.

How have your habits in lockdown changed, has this influenced your creative process?
All the first part of the quarantine I went into lockdown too, finding a long time to reflect, it was actually a healthy time. Then I moved on to the more active phase, to a wider "creativity": from food to watercolor.

What are the hours of the day when the house is exposed to the sun and what did they represent for you / what were the habits in this time frame?
Alas it is not a bright house, the floor is not high and it is mono exposed, despite these flaws I love it very much, small but with a rigor of elegance given by Vecchia Milano floors, it is very welcoming to me, a nice place to stay, even for long days. Stand so assiduously, as never before, I discovered and known the precise "golden" hours in which the sun turns in it: it first appears in the room around 2 pm to arrive in the kitchen-room an hour later and run away completely away around 17, however it is always in progress, known from week to week as the sun is higher and higher and more grazing in the spaces of the rooms. At the beginning the small terrace of the room with the first heat was used as a real solarium, I practically wintered it, had lunch there and then I lay down there, every day. After that it became my green corner, since without plants now numerous pots have made it even narrower, but alive and colorful.

 Which room did you choose to shoot and why?
The living room has become the poses room of the house. At the beginning I found many difficulties, the space is not wide, also armchairs, sofas, furniture live there, as it should be, so whatever shot I did there was always something on the field that bothered me, so move here move beyond... I decided this room because the light beam lasts longer and changes and at a certain time it reflects on the glass of the window which in turn reverberates on the wall, practically the room has also become a "kaleidoscope room". For Borbonese's work, after various experiments, I decided to photograph everything on a low wooden table with a glass top, so as to obtain a greater reflection point.

 What does light represent in your photographs?
 We know that photo-writing literally means "writing of light", therefore it is the indispensable source for obtaining an image. I prefer natural light, I like to see how things that receive it change.

 Is there a meaning behind the fruit you have chosen? Is there a reason why one of the pears is cut in half?
There is no specific reason why I chose pears. The usual routine of table is to accommodate on its top, in addition to "what is unnecessary" as vases and jars with flowers, also magazines and catalogs remote controls and a bowl, always full of fruit. When I decided that the coffee table would be my "battle plan" I thought of also include some of these elements that populate it. Available those days I had apricots, apples, kiwi nuts and pears; it went for pears because the shape amused me the most, and also in size, it was the fruit that I found most appropriate in relation to the bag. At one point playing with the shapes I took a pear that rolled continuously and I cut it, when I went back behind the room, I liked the surrealist landscape that I saw there. The pear was no longer the fruit, but just an object, and those two halves resting on different planes were shapes emerging from the surface.