Room 4: Bianca Bagnarelli, Illustrator.

Bianca Bagnarelli talks about her relationship with plants and how "important" they were during the quarantine period.

What has the house represented for you in these months? What were your pastimes?
I tried to live the house as a refuge, a den. I didn't always succeed and it happened that I felt trapped.
I really missed walking around the city. I have dedicated a lot of energy to plants, which have never been better, and I threw myself headlong into work, which helped me a lot to distract me, and which I am very lucky to be able to do from home too.

 Tell us about the illustration process: has quarantine influenced your work? If so how? What value do you attach to color in your illustrations?
 It influenced myself in the sense that I mostly designed things related to the virus and the crisis we are experiencing. Most of the commissions I have received in recent months have been related to that. I thought I would have the opportunity to work on personal projects, and instead there was absolutely no concentration needed to do it. Color is fundamental, it gives depth and meaning to the whole image, I always try to focus on the light that I would like to be perceived in the images.

Is this the first time that you represent your home and yourself in an illustration? If so, how did you find it?
The illustrations represent a mixture of my home, my childhood home, and other houses that I like. I have tried to reproduce the light that enters the windows of the house where I live now, which are facing south.

From the sketches we see that you have many plants at home, is this a passion too? Am I a recurring subject of your works?
A passion yes, a recurring subject no. But having to represent what this quarantine was like, I couldn't help but put my hands and head into it.