Room 5: Federica Sasso, Photographer

Federica Sasso tells how much the lockdown has strengthened her personal vision and has given space to a new awareness of details.

Tell us about your quarantine: has staying at home influenced your creative process? If so, how? How have your habits changed?
Lockdown and forced closure certainly influenced my creative process, they gave me a precious time to try to tidy up my personal archive, to do new research and, more generally, fix. It essentially gave me a different awareness of my path and strengthened my personal vision.

Did you take inspiration from someone for the poses of the subject?  Because you can't see it ever his whole figure?
I almost never have a particular stylistic reference. The female body always inspires me, in this case with its relationship with the lights and shadows of the house. If we want to think about them metaphorically, they represent the same game of shapes and sensations that this quarantine has left me. I work very often on the details, I am attracted to the features of the body, to strange positions and other more naturals.

Are there any particularly representative objects that you have chosen to shoot?
No, there are not. Instead of focusing my attention on objects I decided to focus on the relationship between the accessory and the person, his relationship with the home and the home environment. Photographing daily intimacy and a certain tension, as if something happens that never really happens.

If you had to tell your quarantine in a room, which one would you choose and because?
If I could not choose, I am also physically tied to the light and its movement inside the house. But if I had to choose I would say the living room. It is where I spend more time, where I find myself occupying space in a more free and ever-changing way.