Officina Borbonese

The OFFICINA BORBONESE project, born in 2019 in partnership with main international fashion schools, aims to create a community of young creatives who redesign the values ​​of the brand to develop a new Borbonese era.

After collaborations with international realities such as Accademia Costume & Moda Roma, Milan Fashion Institute, Parsons Paris and Istituto Marangoni, on both fashion design and fashion communication management projects, OFFICINA BORBONESE now wants to transform into a real creative and independent 360° hub. It will focus on sharing the intrinsic values ​​of the brand with new generations using appropriate languages and on the development of a renewed brand image in line with current trends.

A long-term project with the new phase started in May for a duration of at least three years. The OFFICINA BORBONESE manifesto reflects the values, ambitions and habits of the new generation: a fluid management of contents, a continuous exchange of ideas, suggestions, trends in networks of people, institutions, other creative laboratories continuously in progress, listening to social and market rumors.

The creative hub is composed in its first release by 3 Italian girls selected by the master in Fashion and Luxury Management of RCS Academy Milan, but the intention is to expand the community with contributors from all over the world, in order to to have an increasingly universal vision and maximum sharing.

Officina Borbonese

Officina Borbonese was created at the beginning of 2019 as a yearly event during which the brand collaborates with the world’s most renowned fashion institutes. Young talents from all over the planet reinterpret the style and communication of Borbonese with innovative ideas and solutions. During the first edition students from the Marangoni Institute in Milan, under the guidance of Borbonese management, had to study and analyse the brand in order to come up with new solutions in the areas of communication, style and approach to international markets.

Over a period of six months, 96 students from the courses of Fashion & Luxury Brand Management and Product Development interchanged in the job and later presented their proposals for new communication strategies to penetrate single markets, such as China and South Korea. They also had the chance to design mini-collections starting from the creation of a new Borbonese iconic bag to be developed in 6 variants.

At the end, a jury consisting of teachers, creative and communication directors and Borbonese C.E.O., Alessandro Pescara, has selected the bag that better epitomized the brand’s values with an innovative spirit. Officina Borbonese (Workshop) new edition will start in January 2020 from Paris.

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