Strapcycle Project: Sustainable Weaving

A new way of creating beauty is born

The extraordinary weaving game of the iconic nylon ribbons with the Borbonese logo is called Strapcycle Project and becomes the leitmotif of two new objects of desire: the lightweight shopping bag and the bottle holder with 24 Bottles thermal bottle.

Borbonese Ribbon: a recognizable icon

If shoulder straps are a trend of recent seasons, for Borbonese it has been for 10 years, thanks to the iconic nylon Luna Bag. Today, the importance of the concept of sustainable recovery has allowed the logoed ribbon to be transformed into a fresh and contemporary idea. From the stock of the collection we have recovered a lot of logoed ribbon to give life to the original Strapcycle creations, the Borbonese project aimed at innovation and sustainability.

Contemporary life

The shopping bag is the perfect ally for a whole day. Versatile and light, it gives your looks a touch of freshness and modernity. The bag is entirely hand-woven recycled nylon.

The new hot & cool accessory.

Satin gold total look and hand-woven ribbon bottle holder. These are the details of the exclusive thermal bottle created in collaboration with 24 Bottles, a young Italian brand known worldwide for creativity and respect for the environment. A new perfect accessory for any occasion, at home or around the world. It will always be with you.